Friday, April 07, 2006


Walk Tall

Dear Gamer: Walk Tall. is the best thread I've read at to date. I suggest that non-regular readers check it out.

Levi rocks.
Maybe it is just me but I think it is fucking dumb. Announce you are a gamer? Should I start announcing all my hobbies? Am I in AA or something? Fuck that noise. Wasted chest puffing about a non-issue.

People who have issues with their activities are going to have issues regardless what the activity is. I am tired of the notion that RPGs are something special and shit. Fucking nonsense. A call to arms about nothing...
I disagree.

There's a difference between:

a. having issues with your activity, and having other participants in the activity tell you that thats ok, and you should identify with those issues as being part of the activity


b. having issues with your activity, and dealing with it, like dealing with any other issue in your life.

"Gamer Culture" is (a). "Walk Tall" is (b).
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