Monday, March 06, 2006



I've been looking through this site for the last hour: National Vietnam Veterans Art Museum

I find it...very powerful.

As I do more research for Carry, read more memoirs, get more information about how the survivors of Vietnam reflect on their experiences, I can't help feeling that making their stories into a game is disrespectful. Maybe even insolent. Like, people shouldn't be having fun with this stuff. What right do I, a college student that has absolutely no idea what combat is like, let alone Vietnam itself, have to engage with this material in the way I am? Why am I taking these experiences and putting them into a form which is meant to create an enjoyable evening's pasttime?

What if I do it wrong?

What if I do it right?


The only more troubling and horrific question I could think of is, "What if you don't do it at all?"

If you attack this with a honest and respectful frame of mind and do your utmost to make a fun and satsifying game, I don't think people will care all that much how well you simulated the Vietnam War. Just treat everyone with dignity and you'll be fine :)


What Troy said.

The failure to engage in our history is worse than engaging it in suboptimal ways. People should read, write, talk about, and even play about this sort of stuff.
Thanks guys.
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