Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Another Reason To Love Hippie Games

We kicked off our Aberrant game last night, to great success (I thought, at least). We spent the first 45 minutes or so polishing characters and talking about them, and generating a group Kicker - I believe I used the phrase "Ok, so we have characters, and we have a situation. Now we need an event that will kick the characters into that situation. Ideas?" And off we went. It was tres awesome, and even the minimal notes I had made ended up being useless, as the game went in a very different, and fun, direction. In a nutshell, we determined that Project Utopia was piloting a program analogous to the Army Reserve, the Utopian Auxiliaries (UAX, because everything with an X is EXTREEEEEME!). The Kicker was that the girlfriend of one character and the nephew of another both "volunteered" to be part of the program, which the Aberrants, a faction all the characters are involved in in various ways, beleive to be spreading its totalitarian plan of Nova sterilization. (If anyone needs a translation/explanation, I can do so in comments.)

The part that made me re-realize how far we've come from this kind of game, though, was this: at one point, the boyfriend character was confronting his girlfriend about what kind of treatment she was getting at the Utopia facility. I asked his player what he wanted to roll for the conflict, and he said "Uh....I love you + you're my girlfriend? It's a relationship, I dunno what I should roll." I made a smarmy comment about how the Storyteller system isn't exactly...suited...for such things. But it made me think about how there's a slew of games out there, right now, in which you can essentially roll I Love You + You're My Girlfriend and have it be exactly right.

Anyway. Keep up the good work, everyone.

(Oh, and this marks my 100th blogpost. Woo!)

[Cartman] I Hate Hippies![/Cartman]

But hey, at least I got my game design niche all staked out, no competition:)

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