Monday, February 13, 2006


Sim Designs?

I have yet to see anyone make a solid statement for a published system that facilitates Sim play.

Anyone want to bite on this?

What kind of Sim does it support?

Conquer the Horizon is Sim, but it may not be an RPG...
Vampire: The Masquerade, played strictly to the rules, is Sim.
For a completely different flavor of Sim, WUSHU is pretty solid. It's pretty much completely Exploration of Color.
I've been playing damn simmy in Mike Holmes' IRC Heroquest game. I don't know if the system supports it or not, but the game-as-played certainly does.
Joshua - still on my list to play. I'll let you know what I think.

Kirt - But what's the Source? Played strictly by the rules, you ain't gonna get Anne Rice.

Mark - I haven't played. On the list it goes.

Fred - Yeh, but I'm looking for system support. You can always play Sim.
Old Post

The old Morrow Project was pretty heavy sim. Very realism oriented post-apocalyptic scrabbling.
Can't see the forest for the trees?

Gurps, Champions, Pendragon, James Bond, Buffy, Star Trek RPG, Runequest, Game of Thrones, Skyrealms of Jorune, and a plethora of others solidly support Sim play.

Sim is everywhere man.
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