Friday, January 27, 2006


Carry the 2nd

Carry revision 2 is now available for perusal. Click here to download. I also posted a Connections thread at the Forge with some more information.

I'm totally looking for playtesters, by the way.

Changes from revision 1.1:
  • Formalized Burden Creation to include feedback from Dreamation: three sentences that gestalt into your Burden, discussion of lines and military experience.
  • Decided that there will be 3×5 cards for easy Grunt choosing and reference.
  • Moved all of chargen into one section, with the Squad section just being for reference.
  • Explicated that dice are chosen in ascending Months In order. Added some guidance as towards choosing initial dice pools.
  • Reworked and expanded Profile descriptions, including their best and worst Approach.
  • Added rule that the GM can bring in a Burden die on a Fodders side if the Grunt rolls theirs. There’s a strong possibility that each character writeup will include a “Fodder Burden” entry, which is that characters Burden if they are not taken by a player.
  • Added rule that you can roll your Burden Die even if you can’t use anything in your dice pool because of your Profile/Approach.
  • Cleaned up Squad Scene conflict resolution rules (IIEE stuff, mainly).
  • Added that you must change Approach when pushing a conflict.
  • Added some stuff to how and why you should give people dice after rolling, as well as a tip about keeping multiple dice collections separate.
  • Added some explication as to how Action resolution works, and why you would choose to give to one or the other.
  • Added rules for establishing Backstory on the fly during play (thanks Rob!).
  • Reworked Endgame. It should be better now.
  • General editing, rewording and clarification.
  • Updated all examples.

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