Tuesday, January 24, 2006


The Best Thing About Dreamation

Was that it reminded me that role-playing is fucking fun.

Like, seriously. All this theory bullshit? It's cool, and its valuable, and there are great things that come out of it. But I didn't think about it all weekend, because I was having such a good time actually playing.

For all the shit that people give Ron, he's right about one thing. Actual play, actual play, actual play. Without play, this is all meaningless.

Yes, some people can't play, for whatever reason. It's a reality. But for those of us that can, we should, or we have no business as game designers.

I don't care what you play. I don't care who you play with. All I care about is that you have enjoyable, healthy play. If you get it from D&D, thats awesome. Shadowrun? Fantastic. PtA? Great. Doesn't matter. Play, talk about your play, make it better.

Along those lines, I'm going to russel up some play right now.

Preach it, brother.
It's nice to be right about one thing!

Seriously, thanks for the ref.
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