Sunday, January 22, 2006


What I Learned From Dreamation

Friday Night

Why yes, trying to get over the George Washington Bridge on a friday night will involve lots of traffic.

Running in at 8.02 for your 8.00 scheduled demo is not the best way to start off a Con...

...unless nobody shows up for it, and you play Mortal Coil instead, where you learn that:
- Nobody likes a pretty boy.
- These people that you read their words on the intarweb, they are cool fucking dudes and dudettes.
- Immortal Soldier God with a drug problem and a gun = bad, but hilarious, times.
- Why yes, Keith Senkowski does indeed curse as much IRL as he does on his blog.

The game Jungle Speed is so freaking awesome, I still have the tremors. And I, like, suck.

Saturday Morning

Tony L-B is Major Victory.

I wish I was a cool kid, like Jared Sorenson.

Alexander curses as much as Keith, but will tell you how to make your demos not suck instead of kicking your ass at Jungle Speed. So thats cool.

Brennan doesn't take himself too seriously. I like that in a guy who's handling my money...

Tony will take what Alexander told you about your demo, and distill out something that will actually make someone buy your game.

Explaining your game to someone who has never heard of it, multiple times, will eventually make you remember why you wrote the damn thing in the first place.

Holy fucking shit. Someone will actually PAY me for this thing? Like, me, in person? Give me money in exchange for my product? I don't know if I can deal.

Saturday Afternoon

Being totally ready for your afternoon demo, and still having no-one show up, still sucks...

...unless you happen to be sitting at the same table as one of the Continuum authors, who doesn't have any players either! Talking shop with someone whos into your niche can be pretty freakin' sweet.

Jesus Christ, is Tony ever not demo-ing Capes?

Thats right. The last copy of Under The Bed EVER! Bitches. (Well, until the next printing...)

With Great Chili = Awesome.

People asking you if they can demo your game (Carry) is very, very cool. Like, too cool for words.

Saturday Night Carry is going to be really, really good. Once I, like, write all the good parts.

In case it wasn't FIRMLY established, PtA pwns us all. Hie thee to this AP thread.

Rebecca's job is to take care of you. She takes her job very, very seriously.

The absolute best thing you can do for your weary, emotionally wrecked body is to dump adrenaline into it by playing a couple more hours of Jungle Speed. I'm told that the twitching will, eventually, stop.
- Knuckle wounds only mean you play the game seriously.
- Beware the Harbinger.
- Why yes. I will build the wizards tower. Thank you very much for the opportunity. Dick.

Cash money in your hands = glow of sweet, sweet satisfaction.


To reiterate, everyone really is that cool. In addition to the above, Ben, Emily, Shawn, Lisa, Thor, Andy, Joshua, Luke...and I'm sure I'm missing many....thank you.

And I'm spent. There's fodder for many more posts here (mainly about Carry), and I'm sure that stuff I missed will come out. But yeh. I had an awesome time, despite my 2 no-go games, and whats more a valuable time. As one may expect, my fears were unfounded, and with this one under my belt I feel hella more confident.

Now, to see if GenCon is even a remote possibility....

I was pleased to have you join in the Mortal Coil game, and I'm sorry Timestream never went off. Carry looks fuckin' awesome, and I can't wait for all the rules to get written down, man.

Sorry you ended up the goat in Mortal Coil, but it was pretty hilarious.
Glad to hear your head-to-head against Continuum turned into a tete-a-tete. Oh, sweet irony!
Hi, Nathan.

Glad you had a good time. It was great to finally meet you, sorry there wasn't more time to chat. Lookin' forward to readin' Timestream. Hopin' to see ya in Indy!
I actually saw your game and was like, "Time Travel? Cool," and picked it up. I'm looking forward to reading it.
Brennan: I had a good time, man. I think my favorite moment:

Keith screams: Who's the God of War now, bitch!
I'm all: Phuh (character spitting a tooth on the floor). Gotcha! Phuh!

That was awesome.

Joshua: Poetic, even!

Michael: Well, you're a busy man. I'm really happy you picked up the game!

Oh yah - I also forgot to mention that Michael will ask you for your pitch, and just stare at you as you do it, and you will feel like he's about to spit on your shoe, and then he will be all "That was fine, but here's how to make it better." And all will be well.
Bret: Awesome! I was wondering who got that fourth copy. Let me know what you think.

Oh, and take a look on the page opposite the inside back cover. It might say "Proof Copy" on it. If it does, I HEARTILY apologize. The page numbers in Chapters 2, 3 and 4 are wrong, and maybe in the index as well. If this is the case, and you want a new copy or something, let me know and we'll work something out.
It was great meeting you Nathan, a whole busload of fun watching you get smacked about with such relish in Mortal Coil: I don't think I've laughed that much in 4 hours in fucking years, and certainly not at a con.

Also I do not curse as much as Keith. No fucking way. I am a restrained and civilised English gentleman of the old school, and I will shiv anyone who says otherwise.

Finally, thanks for the demo of Timestream, and for being cool with my uppity feedback. I really enjoyed being all Ha! I'm Jack the Ripper, and I don't even know it. Just lemme throw that hooker's liver in my sweet, sweet, daughter and she will LIVE!, and I think anyone could sit down for ten minutes and get the same buzz, and then go buy the game. Which I didn't because I am a turd, but I will when/if I get a job again. Carry sounded neat, too.
Oh, by the way. You lost your balls. Again. The Iroquois think you're gay.
Alexander - I can take my lumps like a man. Like a fucking man, I tell you. And, in all seriousness, your help and feedback were invaluable. I hope we'll be hitting the same Cons in the future!
Would it kill you to bring some good news? Your bitterness as being one-upped by the internet has turned you to the path of dickery.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some children to produce. You'll be busy delivering for a while.
Hey, Nathan:

GenCon is not optional.

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