Thursday, January 26, 2006


Another Thought On Art

The whole modernist and then post-modernist thing in art, specifically in film and in writing, is about deconstructing the traditional narrative and finding other ways to express via that medium.

The whole modern (in the sense of contemporary) thing in RPG design is about replicating the traditional narrative.

I find this interesting - I don't know if its relevant.

Yeah. I think one needs to look at the larger social issues for it to be relevant. In writing, modernism and to a degree post-modernism both have a degree of attacking institutions of power. The driving forces are a levelling, populist philosophy.

For the RPG observation to be relevant, one should ask what real politics and social issues are the "modernist" RPG designers trying to affect?
John's got it in one.

Additionally, our exposure to postmodern film and novels has no doubt increased our awareness of the narrative structures involved, giving us tools to manipulate our games.
Ok. Cool.

What real politics and social issues are we trying to address?

By we, I mean you, Mr or Mrs. Reader. What are you trying to address? What do you see others trying to address?
Oh, I meant politics around the table -- GMless gaming is a postmodernist reaction to GM Authority.
There will be a time when RPGs will have to address "real" issues. Is now that time? Maybe. Maybe not.
Something must be in the air - I have just written about this issue, here.
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