Thursday, February 02, 2006


My Week In Gaming

Saturday: Game Design seminar w/Luke, Jared & Vincent at VeriCon. Ticket to Ride w/girlfriend and suitemates.
Sunday: Chillaxin.
Ticket to Ride w/suitemates.
Tuesday: Brainstorm session with weekly RPG group, laying out agenda for the semester. Schedule weekly meeting on Sunday nights.
Wednesday: octaNe and Jungle Speed arrive.
Thursday morning (midnight-2.30 am): Introduce people to Jungle Speed. Play up to 7-person games.
Thursday day: Unsung arrives. More Jungle Speed as I run into people.
Friday: Apples to Apples arrives. More Jungle Speed. Reading OctaNe and Amber Diceless. Play the drinking game variant of Apples to Apples.
Saturday: More Jungle Speed. More Ticket to Ride (1 5 person game in afternoon, 2 1-on-1 games w/girlfriend after dinner).
Sunday: Guess what? More Jungle Speed. Game night, we talk about our first medium-length story arc and create characters for Aberrant. Afterwards, more Jungle Speed.

I count this as a good week.

Please do share your thoughts on Unsung once you've read it. I'm thinking about either that or Paladin for a modern game about "Homeland Security" and the like.
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