Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Game A Day is dead. Long live Game A Day!

So, as regular (hah) readers may have noticed, the Game A Day Project has been pretty defunct since the holidays. There are reasons beyond my own laziness - two of them, in fact. The first is that when I got started working again on my actual games (Carry, to be precise) I no longer had the energy to come up with gaming-related bits that I wouldn't necessarily use. The second is that I wasn't personally getting what I had wanted out of the project.

I am, however, ready to give it another shot, with two major changes. The first is that it's a place to post, not only game-related tidbits and thought experiments, but also little lessons learned from playing games. Not just RPGS - if you play any kind of game, and have a "huh, this is an interesting/applicable/crappy design element," but don't have the interest or energy to making it into a full AP post, Game A Day is where to put it.

The second major change, as indicated by the use of "you" in the above, is that I would like to open it up to the community at large. So, if you would like to post to Game A Day, leave a comment here and I'll hook you up. You need a blogger account, I suppose.

What's the point? Well, a repository specifically dedicated to gaming ideas, thoughts, bits and lessons seems like a useful resource to me, and they are the kinds of things that tend to get lost in active forum discussion. Feel free to argue/critique/lambast the idea in comments.

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