Sunday, March 12, 2006



So the Iron Game Chef competition is going on, if you haven't been alerted already.

I'm not gonna lie - I was totally underwhelmed by the theme this year. Last year, I read the theme/restriction/ingredients, and got really excited about the million ideas I was getting. This year, I read the theme and ingredients, and went "Buh..." for about 2 days.

I guess its some combination of I feel like designing for a specific session length is something I've already done (see Carry), and being a little ticked that the only concrete "challenge" I wanted to set for myself for the competition was to design an open-ended, campaign-style game. So that's, uh, not going to happen. Finally, I think the structure of two categories of ingredients is a poor choice, and will give Andy feedback about that for sure.

BUT! I've been brainstorming, waiting for something interesting to grab me, and I think it has. So that's awesome, and I'll see what comes of it.

Sadly, I have probably my busiest week of the semester coming up, so I won't be able to be too active on the Game Chef boards, which sucks. But I hope that I can pull out a solid game, and see how it stacks up to some of the AWESOME ideas that are flying around right now.

So, we will see. If anyone reading this is also participating, good luck! May the best chef win....

Good luck to you too, Nate!


Lemme know when the competitions over so I can see what you came up with.

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