Thursday, March 30, 2006


This sucks.

This sucks.


Wow, mods jumped on that quick. Same post here. Still sucks.

Uh-huh. I'm just hoping that Jared becomes insanely more successful and whoever is responsible rots in dusty forgotteness. Or, if what John Wick says is true- the bastard just OD's a coke marathon.
Well, we will wait and see. Jared being Jared, I'm sure we'll all be staggered at the amount of pure awesome that he will spew in response to this whatever-it-is.
Ayep. JAred being Jared.

Count me amongst those who got a lesson in getting emotionally whipped up about people I don't really know.
I'm kind of annoyed, but I decided that if I "boycotted" MMT's games at best I'd be punishing myself.

I still don't like April Fool's nonsense though. :P
Color me shocked.

See, I've met Jared. He's a cool guy. So while I appreciate the humor, I'm not particularly happy about how it made me worry about him.

So, meh. Jared continues, and all is well. Time to play some InSpectres. I'm looking forward to Dark Pages, too.
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