Thursday, March 23, 2006


I-CON 25

I will be at I-CON 25 this coming weekend, along with TonyLB, Jared Sorenson, Luke Crane, and Clinton R. Nixon. There's a buttload of other guests and shtuff as well (Michael Pondsmith from R. Talsorian and Steve Kenson from Green Ronin, among others), but I don't forsee myself straying too far from the indie gaming.

I have a demo of Timestream scheduled for Friday night, and a game of Carry for Saturday. I'll also be working on my boothmonkey skills, and will do my damnedness to finally play some Burning Wheel! The indie games schedule is here.

We'll see how it goes. It'll be an interesting contrast to Dreamation, I expect, but I also expect good times. Come next Monday, my two weeks of craziness will finally be over, and hopefully I can get back on track with general online participation, as well as getting more work done on Carry.

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