Monday, June 19, 2006


Carry Preview Thang 2

So Mark Vallinatos is a badass, and turned up some more photos, one of which blew the previous Carry cover photo out of the water. So here's the new cover, also with a tweaked logo that I like more.

Also, here's a shot of an interior spread.

Oh! And I got this call from the folks at DexCon. Now, the original plan was that I was only going to be able to be there on Saturday and Sunday, due to some work I had lined up. Well, the project fell through, so I will be able to be there the whole time (woot). Anyway, I originally scheduled one game of Carry for Saturday night. Well, apparentely the organizers think that there will be enough demand for "more serious and different" games that they asked me to run two more sessions, which I, providentially, will be able to do. So there are now sessions of Carry on Thursday, Friday & Saturday, all 8-midnight. Check out all the other awesome Indie events here.

I look forward to teh awesome.

And I shall see you there.

Great new cover pic, by the way. I like that they are actually carrying a wounded comrade, it ties nicely into the title.

Are all of these photos public domain? That rocks.
Thanks Brennan.

Yeh, all the images I'm using are public domain. Pretty much, any photo taken by the military and released or displayed to the public is automatically entered into the public domain.

The National Archives and the USMC have been great resources. Also Wikimedia Commons.
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