Wednesday, June 14, 2006


One Of Them Preview Thangs

So this is the current cover for Carry. You can click on it to see it larger. Thoughts?

I like it.

I like it other than how the y in "carry" touches the "game about war."
I like how it reminds me of a government publication.
Very nice.
I'm going to be difficult and say I disagree with the others. The game looks, as Brennan said, like a govt publication; how does that support what the game is about? Does it have a dry, bureaucratic, matter-of-fact feel to it, like the cover seems to indicate?
I'd re-iterate Mattijis's point. Does the cover sell the game? Is Carry really about war? From what I've read its a game about normal people and what war does to them. The cover look's like yet another set of minatures rules.
Thanks all!

I'm still futzing with the title block. It floats wierdly if the two lines are much farther apart. I dunno, I might post some more versions later.

The text is laid out in imitation of a military field manual (with some twists). I'm glad that the cover reads like that.

I'm...ah...going for a certain amount of dramatic irony with the layout design.
Nathan, I dig the irony. My dad was a 'Nam vet, and war did nothing good for him.
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