Monday, May 08, 2006


Manly? Moi?

Hehe....Judd called me manly on the latest episode of Sons Of Kryos.

You should listen to that podcast, if you don't already. It's fucking awesome, and I really look forward to (crossing fingers) playing with Judd again come GenCon, if not before.

I'm also going to take a personal moment here about the game he talks about there, Hare and Hound, mainly because listening to him talk about it made me relive it a bit. It was the most emotionally intense and totally fucking awesome session of roleplay I've ever had, and it was a whole of firsts for me - my first con, my first meeting with all of the people at the table, and my first time playing a female character. So, when we got to that scene, and Judd said that he was uncomfortable - well, yeh, so was I. But I wanted to go through with it, see what would happen with this character, and what that would say about her story. And it was awesome.

No moral here. Just wanted to say that.

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