Sunday, April 30, 2006


Champions Of The Gods

"The Gods who create their Champions as Travelers tend to have a broad scope of interest and far-ranging goals. They may be Forgotten Gods who wish their Champion to change things in the past so that their future will be brighter. They may be established Gods who want their Champion to ensure that their power will not diminish. They may have a specific grudge against another God, and are making a tactical choice in regards to their Champion; they may want a defender of the faith who is capable of being anywhere and anywhen at the drop of a hat.

The Gods who create their Champions as TMers tend to have a more straight-forward agenda, or a particular situation which they want their Champion to handle. They may be a God who is facing defeat and has been saving up their power for a last effort to turn the tides. They may wish a miracle-worker or prophet who can proselytize in their name. They may need an avenger or a leader of men who can can best any mortal, or a Champion to carve out or aggressively defend a space for them among a host of similar gods. They may desire a Champion in the strictest sense of the word, one who goes forth and battles other Champions for the honor and glory of their God.

The Gods who create their Champions as Thralls tend to have more circuitous plans, and usually desire control, have a sense of paranoia, or feel the need for an iron fist of authority. Some of these Gods have had Champions fail in the past due to their autonomy, and wish to ensure that it doesn't happen again. Others take a much more personal interest in the doings of their mortal followers. Some, of course, just want to have their champion be as versatile as possible, even it means that they have to keep an eye on him at all times. Keep in mind that a Thrall is actually one step closer to his God than a TMer or Traveler – he is literally channeling the Gods Divine essence from the source, as opposed to being a granted a very discrete part of it. Most Gods keep a consequently closer eye on their Thralls than they would on a Traveler or TMer."

Um, is this something to do with my IGC '06 game entry "Champions of the Gods"? If it is - cool, if it isn't, then what is it about? :)
Whoa! Thats what I get for being really, really derelict in my Game Chef attention this year. No, nothing to do with your game, Warreb. It's a teaser for something I'm releasing soon for Timestream, my time travel game.

Though, now it looks like I'll have to change the title.
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