Monday, June 26, 2006


Carry Cover. Oh yeh, and preorders.

Here's the final cover.

Also, preorders are now open, from now until July 17. Details here. You can order via paypal, or through Indie Press Revolution, soon as Brennan gets it up for me. There will be linkage.

How would you describe the game to non-Americans, how well could the mechanics be seperated from Vietnam, etc.?
Oh jeez.

Well, firstly, the game is based on the image of Vietnam that we still hold with us. So, if you have an interest in the war (even as a "Hey, why are Americans always so wierd about Vietnam"), I would say that you would find value in the game. If you knew nothing about the genre, I would tell you to watch the movie "Platoon," and that would give you the necessary context.

The mechanics are seperable to the extent that the game doesn't need to be set in Vietnam, per se, but it does need to be a squad of soldiers in some kind of high pressure conflict, ideally one that drives them against each other just as hard as against the enemy. this thread from the 2005 Game Chef may be of interest.

You'd have to do some work to modify the squad makeup to reflect whichever setting you ported it too, though. In my post about Gaunt's Ghosts, I would just take the named characters from the squad writeup in the Imperial Guard Codex, set them in the Catachan jungle, and have Gaunt himself be a NPC that drives the squad on. Months In would probably be Months Out (Of Prison). The rest is all color.
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