Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Never Going Back

Everyone, read Before Stakes: What is your intent?

I don't have anything to add to that thread that hasn't been already said, but it throws into clear relief one of the greatest things about recent, indie, conflict-resolution based RPGs. When clear intent and stakes are determined, it excises boring play. When everyone knows what all the players want out of a conflict, not only does it enable you to skip situations where you want the same thing, but your characters are taking different actions, it also allows everyone to know what people find interesting and exciting about the game as a whole, enabling further play to be more focused towards those interesting and exciting things.

There's a reason why people who love indie games love indie games, and this is a biiiiiig part of it, methinks.

Nathan, that's a great insight -- why didn't you post it to the thread?
I dunno. I'm still tweaky about being an active Forge participant.
Nathan, why tweaky?
I feel like I don't play enough to contribute to most threads in good conscience. *shrugs*
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