Monday, December 05, 2005


To Sum Up

In case anyone missed it...

My understanding of the basics of CA in the Big Model is as follows:
I'm primarily interested in Sim, and the process of constructive denial, and as such that's a lot of what I'm going to be talking about. I also have more to say about what role-play as a form is all about.


My obligatory reaction to the theory & GNS forum closures at the Forge: I've never been particularly comfortable posting on either of them (I prefer my own sandbox), and I look forward to how the conversations in Actual Play and Publishing evolve. I also now need to pay more attention to blogs, and need to look into some kind of this crazy feed aggregator technology (anyone know a good plug-in for Firfox? Or is it already in here somewhere?)

I also think this is a really interesting idea, and something I would definitely read, at least. We'll see if anything develops.


Thoughts, comments and questions welcome!

Yep in Firefox it's called live bookmarks. When you have an RSS enables site you should see an orange box on the RH side of the address. Not as good as an aggregator but it'll work.
There are two Firefox extensions I use, not all together that well for RSS stuff, InforRSS and Sage. INfoRSS puts a little scrollbox in your statsubar displaying the feeds you want.

As to Sim Theory, I am gearing up to babble about it some, working from Ron's newish Constructive Denial process and mixing in some of the AGE Model stuff Kuma has devloped and some of the ideas presented in Larry Hols sketchy "channel theory"
and then see how it all matches the play of my game as I currently conceive of it (a teaser, the multi-layered aspect of it would seem to make it a "multi-sim" hybrid, as the various tools easily address different Sim focuses, not to mention the possiblity of gamist intentions. (I need to consider how the gamist aspect can be applied to set-piece sandboxing using the actual game entities designed at the top level.
Re: keeping up with the blogs. Out of laziness, I haven't directly explored anything other than Firefox live bookmarks and the built-in capabilities of Safari 2.0. The latter really showed the limitations of the former. While Firefox live bookmarks give me an overview of the recent topics in each blog, I still have to look at each bookmark to see if there's anything new. Safari puts a number next to each blog (feed) telling you how if there are any new entries since you last checked.

While Windows/Linux users don't have access to Safari, there's probably something similar and maybe better out there. Wikipedia has a big list of feed aggregators.
Cool. I started using Sage, and am satisfied for the nonce - I just need to keep adding awesome blogs to it, is all.

Mmmm, multi-Sim focuses. That's exciting. Let's talk about it.
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