Thursday, November 03, 2005


A little bit more on What We Do

Joshua's comment on my last post made my brain realize this: the key to the identity of "audience-participant" is that the point of the activity is to create payoff for those participating in it. Even improv has the point of being performed.

In all other forms of entertainment, if no-one ever sees it/reads it/experiences it, you are, at best, practicing. In roleplay, you don't give two shits if anyone outside your group even knows that your play exists.

I'm sure this is a big duh for those of you smarter than me. But wow, so simple, so important - I really needed to realize that.

Well put.

I came to a similar conclusion when I realized that if a game allowed players to be power munchkins with gigantic guns that blew up cities, and that's what the players wanted, then that was a successful game.

The standards of the actual players are the only standards that matter. You hit those, the game is good. Nothing else matters.
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