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[Imp] Theoro-Actual Play

Here's a theoretical actual play transcript of The Imp Of The Perverse

Transcript only, no notes about system for this one.
GM; P1 playing Julius, and Minerva's Imp; P2 playing Minerva and Frederick's Imp; P3 playing Frederick, and Julius's Imp.

GM: The door creaks loudly as it swings in on rusty hinges. A waft of stale air puffs out, and you stare into blackness.
P1: I light my lamp. “Come, my friends. The villagers were very clear on the source of their troubles. Let us proceed!”
GM: Your lamp reveals a spiral staircase leading downwards and spiderwebbed walls, all roughly cut out of stone.
P1: I lead the way.
P2: I'm in back, clutching my derringer.
P3: I follow Julius. “Be careful, we don't know whats down here...”
P2: “...only that it sucks the blood of children. We must destroy it.”
GM: You descend into the earth, the flickering lamp providing your only guidance. As you descend, it grows colder and colder.
P3: Julius's Imp is going to make Julius drop the lamp.
P1: Nice. My chilled fingers grow numb, and the lamp slips out of them, shattering on the stone below. There's a brief flare of flame, then it goes out entirely. “Oh no!”
P2: I shriek in fright.
P3: I freeze.
GM: After Minerva's scream, there's a brief moment of silence. As you stand there, straining to see in the absolute blackness, you all become aware of the oppressive weight of the mountain hanging over your heads...
P1: I want to trigger an attack on Minerva by her Imp – her perversity is “Buried her sister alive.”
GM: Okay. Whats your intention?
P1: The Imp wants her to be so shaken by guilt that she can't do anything.
P2: Oh, I was thinking that she could think that she is her sister...
P1: Oh wow. Yeh, I want that.
GM: All right. If the Imp wins, Minerva thinks that she is her sister, being buried alive. Frame it.
P1: Suddenly Minerva feels like the earth is pushing in against her.
P2: “No!” I know that I was in stone, not earth.
P1: But you hear a grinding sound, as if the stone is collapsing.
P2: I fall to the ground, struggling against the stone.
GM: Julius and Frederick hear Minerva shriek again, and then the smack as her body falls to the ground.
P3: “Minerva!” I drop to my knees and feel around, trying to find her. I'm going to add to her side.
P1: You are finding it hard to breath...
P2: I start coughing, but find that I can move more readily. I yell “Minerva, no! I love you!”
GM: You both here her yells, and her continued struggle.
P3: “Minerva, I'm here! It's Frederick...”
P1: You hear your own voice, cackling with laughter...
P2: But I feel a hand, reaching through the stone to get me!
GM: As Minerva's voice rises in a maniacal laugh, Frederick finds her writhing on the stairs. As you touch her she stops, as if cut off by a knife.
P3: Minerva! Are you all right?
P2: I'm shaking and sweaty. “Yes, I...yes.”
GM: From the darkness below you you hear a deep, guttural voice. “But not for long. Fools.”
[Equally intense action scene]

I'm starting to get excited about this one...

Hmm, Funky horror/monster hunting stuff? I get a bit of a Poe vibe from it. So why the Imp stuff, to ratchet up the action, or is there some in-game mythos for the imp, say ala HDM daemons. I believe your Imp concept is similar to Elfs in execution, or perhaps a bit more along the lines of Wraith's Shadow?

Sounds interesting, though I have to say I am not into that so much, so personally, I'd want some good reasons for it being part of the game. More along the lines of Wraith's shadow.
Rob, check out the link at the top of the post. It's totally based on Poe, and also the TSR game Masque Of The Red Death. Every character has something wrong with them - a Perversity - and their Imp is the impulse that drives them towards fulfilling it.

The Imp is all about players underwriting each others characters (which you can read more about at anyway.).
And yes, it's very much along the lines of a Wraith's shadow, as well.

It's a project thats been in my brain for a couple months now, and I'm starting to work on it in bits and spurts.
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