Thursday, December 22, 2005


Carry, Revision 1!

Finally, the revision to Carry is done! Well, kinda. But mostly!

Carry was my entry for the Iron Game Chef 2005 competition. It was a "inner circle" winner, which means it placed in the top 9 of the ~30 (40? I don't remember) entrants, but not in the top 3.

The game is about a squad of soldiers in Vietnam, and how that circumstance brings out all the tensions and issues between and among them. It's based heavily on Tim O'Brien's The Things They Carried, as well as the movies Platoon and Full Metal Jacket. It's a tightly structured game - you choose a character in the squad, play through all the other characters getting killed, mustered out, etc., and then have an endgame that (should be) a kind of cathartic end-to-all-their-stories, a la My Life With Master. It's not about having big guns.

I'm looking, at this point, for readers and playtesters. I will be demoing the game at Dreamation 2005, in mid-January, and would like to get some outside feedback before then if at all possible.

The revised PDF file is here. It's 22 pages, ~300 Kb.

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Why am I saying mostly revised? Well...
Except for Endgame, it should be totally playable. Basically, I need to see how the addition of Burden Die change things, and if those are good changes.

Questions and comments, on this post and on the game in general, totally welcome.

P.S. - also started an Indie Game Design thread on the Forge, here.

I look forward to seeing this at Dreamation, Nathan.
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