Friday, December 30, 2005



Timestream is now available at Key 20 Direct. Right now the PDF downloads are available - if all goes well, physical books should be available by the end of the month.

A big thanks to Jason at Key 20 for his overall awesomeness.
Edit the 2nd (priority order, not chronological...): Physical copies of Timestream are now available for direct purchase from my storefront. PDF downloads also available there, but I highly, highly recommend going through Key 20 for those instead (as there, you get the whole zipped package at once).
Edit: Also, out for the weekend. Not that it matters too much, except that there will be no Game A Day posts until next week, which will be starting off with the "December in Review" post. Word.
Edit The 3rd: Also, sick as a dog. Blogging, alas, falls pretty low on the priority list when I have limited energy. Back ASAP.


Congrats, man.

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