Thursday, September 01, 2005


The Plunge

So I've committed to going to Southern Exposure to demo and sell Timestream. Oh boy. I'm, like, getting really nervous about it. Not to mention that I need to put together a 4-hour game, and figure out a booth demo. Scary! However, it looks like I'm going to be in the company of Mike "With Great Power..." Miller and Tony "Capes" Lower-Ba..uh...however you spell it. Also scary, but also very cool.

I have all these great plans - like getting my print edition done, and also selling the PDF stuff on disk, and cool stuff like that. What I'd like to do is have CDs to sell at the PDF price/give to people who buy the print edition/promo disk with support materials. Ideally, sticky-back paper cases to put on the inside back cover of the book. I'd also like to have the book available in both spiral and perfect binding - you know, maximum choice and all that. I hope I have the time to get everything done! Eeeee!

So, to you Con veterans out there, what should I look out for? Any tips? Things to avoid? Things to make sure to prepare?

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