Monday, August 29, 2005


Carry Dev 2

Action scenes end up giving the winning party a pool of points. Instead of having those all have to go to whittling down non-played-characters, the winning party can put some of them in the FUBAR pool (until I think of a better term). The FUBAR pool is in the middle of the table, and in any non-action scene anyone can roll one dice out of it to create a conflict that has negative stakes for a character, or to apply action-pool-like fallout to a non-played character. So, to have a guy taken out by a lone sniper shot (the latter), or have a character get chewed out by the sergeant for something he didnt do (the former), stuff like that.

Now, it costs more fallout points (I think I'm gonna call them that for now) for SMALLER dice in the FUBAR pool - so a d12 costs 1 point, a d10 costs 2, etc. Remember, these can only be used to screw over other characters in some way. There needs to be some penalty associated with not spending FUBAR dice. Maybe they roll over into the next Action scene on the GMs side - so, like, if theres an unspent d12 and d10 in the FUBAR pool, and its an Action scene, the GM gets d12+d10+one dice if they choose+dice given by players.

Ooh. I actually really like that idea. It also helps with the tendency I noticed for players to avoid giving the GM dice in Action scenes.

While I was watching Platoon I had an idea for something you could spend Burdens for in play, but now I forget. I hope I remember it.

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