Monday, July 25, 2005



Sweet. I spent a lot of today tackling rough edges for Timestream, and it's so very close to being done. I'm seeing my cover artist tonight, so I should have the cover ready to go in the next couple days. [edit: make that next week. oh well.] Well, hell, here's my checklist:

- Cover. Scan the painting and put together the actual cover. Write up the back cover blurb.
- Get the copy back from my final editor and make any necessary changes.

- Email all the people who's pics im using for interior art and get their info for credits (more on this below...)

- Finish the example character sheet. Done!

- Create a quick reference sheet with all the tables on one page, make it pretty. Done!

- Insert all the page numbers into my Page XX cross-references, then triple check it. Done! See if I can figure out interior document links in InDesign to make it all spiffy-ified.

- Print it all out and do a final lookover.

Then all I have to do is update my website, decide what service I want to release it under (Lulu, Paypal it right from my site, something else...), and get crackin on the print version, getting reviews, etc.

All of my interior art pieces are public-domain photographs, mostly from
morgueFile, and are fucking gorgeous. Here's one of my favorites:

But yeh. It's a killer motif, and it's gonna look really good. In case you couldn't tell, I'm really, really happy with these images. Most of them have comments along the lines of "tell me how you use my picture", so I'm going to try to get in touch with all of them and offer them an artist credit if they want it.

I'm so excited for my little 'ol game.

Congratulations, man! :)
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