Saturday, July 30, 2005


Game Chef Results! Finally!

So the Game Chef 2005 results are in. A hearty congratulations to Jason, Eric and especially Mischa for their running-up and winning, respectively! Woo!

I am currentely basking in the warm glow of making it into the "inner circle", the top 9 games that they selected the winners out of. Totally freakin awesome. And now I can keep my promise to myself and start (re)developing Carry, as the contest is now over.

Game Chef owns about 12 kinds of awesome, and I certainly hope that it continues next year - and that you, Mr.-or-Mrs. Game Designer, take part.

Well, congrats again to everyone involved, and I hope to see you next year!

Thanks! And contgrats to you too! Now I'm not sure if I can avoid the pressure to complete Beneath a High Pillow, since it's not in my current plans for this year... :)
Thanks Jason!

Take it at your own pace, I'd say. I certainly have no idea when Carry is going to be completed.

This Indie thing is cool that way.
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