Sunday, June 19, 2005



I think the term "instance" really needs to get incorporated into theory discussions, as in "an instance of play", which means an actual game that you did play/are playing with your friends. Like, you know, D&D Campaigns or WW Chronicles that you talk about.

So, instead of getting confused with "my game Capes is narrativist" (see here), you could be all "my instance of Capes is narrativist", as opposed to "my game, Capes, that I wrote, is narrativist".

It's not a big deal, but this is my sandbox! So, when you see "instance", you know what I mean. Man.


Except that 'instance' has a specific meaning to the GNS model. It's a compatible meaning, but distinct, I think, from what you're suggesting.


"Oh, it's you...
D'oh! So it does. Man, and I thought I was all smart and stuff.
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