Monday, June 13, 2005


Posts I Wanna Make

(In no particular order)

The Craftsman Ideal.
The Big Model and Bricolage.
Too Many Games.
Hobby and Hobbyists.
Why My Games Suck.
Second Editions and Metaplots.
The Univeristy RPG Design Major.
Short-Form vs. Traditional. Fight!

I think there were a couple more, but my mind is like a freakin' sieve sometimes. Anyway, lots of work this week, so this will be a sign-post for me so I don't forget anything.

I finally got the No-Press Anthology, which is pretty damn sweet. I definitely want to play at least three of them, maybe five. I don't dig all eight, sadly enough, but it's a great anthology, and I heartily recommend it. And, with my 21st coming up, I think there may be a guilt-free game of Over The Bar in my future...

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