Monday, June 13, 2005


Minor Changes

Anyone can leave comments now, not just Bloggers (sorry, sorry...). it.

Also, if you want me to link to your gaming-related blog, post here with the info. Go go blogosphere go!

Link to my blog at and I'll link back to yours :)
Done and done. Thanks Jason!

Well, I'm not a prophet, but you could add me to your links: (called Lateral Tangents)


"Oh, it's you...
Another Jason! I dig Lateral Tangents, man. Linkage is done.
Okay, for now I'm not sure if I'm going to go with blogger or livejournal, so here are both:

(Ditto on the "not a prophet", BTW. Just someone with opinions.)
I recently started Treasure Tables, a weblog for GMs. Take a peek, and if you like what you find I'd love a link here. :)
Man, anyone who's working this hard at having fun has to be a prophet!


Anyhow, Elliot and Martin are linkenated. So many awesome blogs. Recipricol links are appreciated!
I have my Game Design Blog at

Currently I am babbling about design work on my game T:COTEC, but it has alot of high-level experimental Cool toys sim desing stuff going on. I'll link to your blog too, and even put it near the top. Hopefully someone might read mine. :)
I dig it, Rob. You are linkerafied. Thanks!

Link to my blog (Socratic Design) is:


Word. Thanks Troy. Link = Go.
Hi there; I was wondering if you'd link to my blog:

Linked. Thanks Ewen! I took the opportunity to also finally got rid of that .comment link thingy that used to show up. A winnar is I!
My blog is more of a project, it has both my random RPG musings and my attempts to push forward the idea of competitive RPGs.

If I gave a wrong link, just click on my name, yo!
Got it. 'S all good. Thanks Guy!
I've been thinking, everyone is posting and linking to other people's blogs, but how many do people actually read?
Well, I put pretty much everyone's RSS feed in my Sage sidebar, and I usually manage to read everyone's blog. I just don't post very often - I'm a chronic lurker. But that's just me.
Also, I guess I'm more of a false-prophet than anything...
Hey, Nate, :)

Well, I finally went and started in on this boat as well. I'm at and I already added the Hamster Prophecies there. I'll be adding more as time goes on, but I'd like to Add My Voice here as well. :)


P.S. Death Stakes rules! :)

I need to figure out a death stakes gang sign to flash....S's are hard to make with one hand.

Hi, Nate, :)

Er... um... <embarrassed blush>

You, eh, spelled my name wrong in the link...

It should be Joao Mendes's Lisbon Gamer, with that extra ess before the apostrophe.

Just thought I'd point that out... :)

Hey, :)


Dude, thanks for fixing my lasty name, but now you switched all the A's and O's around on my first name! :)

I know I don't have an aglophone name, but geez! ;)

We moved . Blogger isn't stable enough for me.
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